The not self 2.

Jun 16, 2021

Strengthen the faculty of choice which does no harm. Make whole, wise, high frequency decisions based on all the variants of a situation, truth, integrity and all beings concerned, not just yourself. Steer the course of this planet, your life and the lives of others where you are responsible for them - on the basis of the embodiment of more love. Intensify your ability to dream and trigger real, material change in your life, yourself and those around you.

Our inner and the outer worlds are 2 concentric zones in the external area of our personal field. Both worlds are not us and both worlds are reflections of each other: yet together they are but a partial refraction of our entirety. Both worlds also pass through us and are witnessed by an identity. What is inside and what is outside are related to each other but nevertheless they are not wholly us. And we have many identities in a lifetime, in a single day, and even in the same moment.

We are made up of multiple identities which come and go, all of which we can call the “not self”. When your self healing ability deletes the slave self, it is dissolving any fixation on any one identity, undermining the firmament of the not self. All identities and experiences are therefore real, fluid and always changing - with no single one of them ever completely defining you. This opens up a huge space for peace, calm, timeliness, and relaxation. There is no fight with what you experience. This is because a particular experience belongs to a certain identity and neither are completely you. And all those identities that arise in you with all their many experiences will naturally leave. You are totally free to experience everything without fear or holding back because they are simply not you.

As a result the world becomes even more real, solid, and liberating for us - regardless of its form - because the argument goes out of it. In that opening, more of your multidimensional self steps forward, embodying more love on this planet. This in turn powers the purification sequence even more strongly because it is pure love which purifies. We start to dream - and Earth is forced to change according to our positive high frequencies. In that spaciousness, being the not self, reality whatever form it takes, constantly gives us an exquisite blend of both the positive and the negative for us to decide what we will and won’t accept. As the new embodied human, we distinguish ourselves as those who make choices about and steer the direction and form of our reality, automatically doing no harm.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Core issues; In your body; Peace, joy & silence; Slave self.

Included: 1 mp3 (21 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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