The new embodied human.

Dec 3, 2020

Live chat with Paul Congdon. Join us to find out who I am, what I mean by the 'new embodied human', and how to respond to the current crisis. How do we embody the new much higher frequencies coming on to the planet? Why is it essential to 'delete the God programme' and why is this so different to anything we find in spirituality? And how do we meet the challenges of the current times and actually live our multidimensional signature?

"In concert with the Earth, your own body technology has started to work on a different level unlocking the setting of the slave self in you. You are starting to eject it. So what’s going on is that we have 2 timelines on the planet right now: a timeline where some of humanity is still vibrating at the level of the slave self and another timeline where humans are already upgrading physically and biologically. You need to upgrade physically so your body can hold that new high frequency being which is enmeshing now with this reality." - Jacqueline

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Event: Live chats; Special events.

Name: Paul Congdon; Positive Life magazine.

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