The future, the local & pure love politicality.

Jan 7, 2023

Remove the barriers and the blocks to operating in the whole of your external personal field. Act on the ground in the physical, aligned with the pure love frequency, to take control of your local and natural environment. Resume ownership of your societies and communities, planting your purity in the midst of zombie mindlessness, misdirection and general wipeout otherwise known as "missing in action". 

We live in a world where despite appearances we decide what happens. Our source connection, fitted to practically function on the pure love frequency, allows the embodiment of purity. This lies not just within our bodies in relation to our health and our own personal lives, but also directly applies in nature, our communities and societies.

This planet is ours. But if we do not assert our own presence beyond just our immediate personal sphere, we may completely lose the ability to live freely. The zone of action outside the home and family arena has almost completely disappeared for some people - except as a consumerist pleasure ground. Thankfully there is a higher frequency call to action rising ... and many are now realising the urgency.

Pure love politicality is gaging where to focus directly around us so we guardian our future and preserve our own way of being. If you look carefully, there is almost no one in, in the many power structures supposed to be representing us. Nature is the new government and we are its representatives. As we know, failure to act in time can carry with it a truly ultimate price. But the spontaneity of source connection in combination with the new Earth grid and our personal instructions introduces an unforeseen ingredient at this time. We can each apply ourselves as a radical force of change at the local level and do our own small thing to change history.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; In your body; Success & taking control.

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