Technology, control & money.

Feb 3, 2021

Focus on the heart of the matter concerning where technology can bring harm. Purify the intent behind technology, conscious and unconscious, particularly in relation to social media. Release the need to shape others’ opinions and control their behaviour through programming, platforms and virtual currencies. Disconnect any negative source behind digital technologies - restoring your own personal settings for yourself and your loved ones in relation to all use of every type of device and software.

The effectiveness of technology and its impact on humans and the environment depends on who - and what - is behind that technology. Any digital device or piece of software can be conceived and used for negative ends - or it can benefit humanity, leading to the embodiment of yet more love on this planet.

Many of us are concerned about the effects and use of technology in the world at this time. But even more worthy of attention are the agendas behind the platforms and programmes we have become somewhat reliant on. Money, as always, needs to be separated from any external agency as a means of supporting us. We can provide our needs with or without technology. Then technology itself can be a means for earning income in the right way - aligned with purity - to whatever extent that might be, for each individual.

When technology is used to control and imprison the global population, there is obviously a problem. The root of where this comes from must be addressed. This ultimately lies in the frequency setting of negative high frequency beings. It is our responsibility at this time to purify the impulse behind the need to dominate specifically using technology … on behalf of another source.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Flower again; Reboot groups; Abundance, money & business; For these times; Global issues.

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