Steady luminescence.

Dec 17, 2021

Find the courage to do the right thing as you harness your atomic nature and the corona of your being starts to blaze. Show your full face and true self like never before. Live your own life entirely out of your own nature, neither accepting nor rejecting distorted narratives, while transforming everything around you of an unwanted frequency. Rebuild your societies and local communities as you want them to be, laying down a firm foundation for the future.

As a species we have increasingly stepped away from the physical experience of ourselves as light ... towards rationality and material form. First the primacy of human agency and personal sovereignty was eroded: the actual freedom to choose for oneself. Then the emphasis slowly shifted to applying rules, laws, ethics, doctrines and principles to what people "should" be doing - burying instinct, spontaneity, creativity and body intelligence almost for good. The individual, their needs and wants, even their presence, have been so radically deleted over time, now, most people hardly even notice - and think someone with a different opinion or way of being is "difficult" or "dangerous".

But the steady divorce from our universal nature, our body and the earth can never truly obscure the steady luminescence of our own being which issues from the flame of light. And now, as you, it is coming back, so strongly, that almost anything you harness with your own purity and power of choice without agenda will be successful. Those oppressing the inhabitants of Earth have tried to distract you from this forever. They fear you deeply because in the light of you, their true presence and intentions are exposed ... and they know you are the majority.

We only need to naturally return to the light of ourselves again - without distraction - and who and what we think will resolidify and return into the physical, complete with our ability to constantly and automatically purify all patterns, personal issues and negative factors. As the flame of light moves into our bodies even more deeply and empowers us, we will break away from everything we know to be wrong. Recharged and animated, you are shedding your old body, your old life, your old identity and the old system - simply moving from light to light. Now is the time to firmly forbid so-called darkness everywhere you go.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Community & togetherness; Peace, joy & silence; Rejuvenate; Self healing.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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