Spontaneity: an end to war & hunger.

Mar 16, 2019

Embody non-interference and the way to harness and steer reality so as not to destroy the peace which is already there.

When enough patterns have dropped, your life becomes entirely spontaneous and there is an essential dynamic - a sacred momentum which you are keyed to - winding its way through every frame of existence. You are indissolubly enmeshed with this dynamic, being a materialisation of the interconnections of the universe ... all made real by your individuated consciousness; which of course is the source itself. Once in the purification space, there is no more interference with this dynamic, your mind is at peace and there is no more desire ... in the sense of extraneous thought and ego-driven reaching or grasping. This is how all war and hunger ends in this world.

The power is in your hands. War and hunger would end very quickly on this planet if everyone were to enter their own purification space and begin to harness and steer the current of the source already there - ready and available - instead of seeking to improve and change the world adding more complication and confusion. Spontaneity is the key to peace and it is already freely given. Just like oxygen. There is no great mystery. What we want for our children does not come through food for Africa; big environmental projects; raising awareness about Palestine; or sitting outside the UN demanding change. You have to stop living according to the frequency of conflict and desire yourself.

Peace is your common denominator because you are spontaneity itself. In the absence of your patterns you simply realign with it and become an expression of its momentum. Then, out of this dynamic, using it and never departing from it, we can practically dismantle what does not work in this world, starting first with our own families, localities and workplaces. This is how we bring about real change.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Global issues.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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