Sovereign action, the shadow biological agenda and ... the oracle 2.

Aug 29, 2020

Live chat with David Khan. Join me as I truly lay out what is happening in our world and understand the actions that need to be taken for humanity to embrace a very positive future outcome. Find out a little more about the "six" and the role of nature in our new future.

"This woman [the Tibetan Oracle] was a multidimensional being ... who also has a physical reality somewhere else outside of this planet. There are many beings on this planet who exist here and also exist somewhere else. And you could say I function this way as well." - Jacqueline

  • What an oracle really is and how they access the true nature of our history, the nature of the forces at play and information about various countries in the world

  • Jacqueline’s meeting with a Tibetan oracle and her words for the future of humankind

  • Why 2020 is a pivotal year for the purification space and how the deletion of the old world patterns will occur in the coming years

  • Places around the planet that existed within the complete spectrum of reality and how our ‘history’ paints a different picture

  • The new/emerging economies of the future rooted in purity

  • The new human and what their lives look like in harmony with nature

  • Nature favours individualisation and specialisation, forging ahead on one path and leaving behind that which does not serve

  • The formation of enlightened communities based on modern and ancient wisdom after these times

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Event: Live chats; Special events.

Name: David Khan.

Included: 1 mp3 (51 mins).


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