Race, class & misogyny.

Jul 10, 2019

Release fixation on the material, enabling the light of our own selves to directly embody without negatively identifying with the lack of light we witness around us … or discriminating against any one of its diverse biophysical, economic, religious, and political forms … which in effect, are exactly the same thing.

False identification with the body rather than the light of our own selves leads to negative acts against others. We immediately bind ourselves into exactly the same oppression.

But when it comes to action, this fairly obvious statement can easily fall between the two stools of inertia / fake political correctness or doing something just as destructive / ugly. Too often we shrug our shoulders and say, “Oppression exists.” It will then be: “Surely we should stand up to it!” or “It will never change” … depending on who you are.

Standing up to anything which does not ‘sit right’ is not the problem here. It’s all about how you do it. Few people anywhere are in favour of persecution. The question more, is how to permanently uproot these behaviours, often the ancient bedrock of our societal and cultural norms, rather than simply turning a blind eye or launching an all-out offensive.

If you wish to see healthy ways of being take root on this Earth, rather than accept or reject non-healthy behaviours, you can set about purifying your own behaviours – which will inevitably be a mix of both. As you clean up your own vibration, this will have the powerful effect of pulling others into resonance with you.

Using what is around us, both positive and negative in equal measure, we make our own decisions about how we continue to choose to act for ourselves. Action remains the central focus: but according to a vibration higher than the one on which atrocity persists.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Global issues.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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