Preparing for death.

Apr 20, 2022

Rebirth your own self, ending the cycle of life and death and reperspectivising the grief you may sustain at the loss of loved ones. Strengthen in your ability to end the slave self, both in yourself and others. More deeply understand the end of the death space; what death really is; what happens when an age or civilisation ends; and how the technologies of the non-physical image can seed new realities - both positively and negatively.

We can know someone is dying, maybe even ourselves, and we can also know that shortly some or many around us may leave. Regardless of the circumstances, death remains a major happening for humans often involving much heartbreak and grief. It is also an experience which some cultures prepare for very carefully.

As we solidify in our multidimensionality death becomes easier and the mental understanding we already have, that life simply changes from one form to another, takes on a deeper reality. Experiencing how others are born in us and that we exist as part of the setting of others, death becomes a rebirth as well as just an ending where those we lose and love become an even greater part of our current reality.

Death is also intimately linked with the technology of the slave self and the history of this planet. We can vivify a certain setting or time-space coordinate with the non-physical aspect of ourselves; that process of materialisation can be hijacked or piggybacked; and an alternative non-physical image can appear in the field of our own knowledge ... leading us to mistake this for our very own selves.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Dead energies.

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