Precision focus 2.

Mar 10, 2023

Get through the difficulties together. Focus on the countries in need; the most pressing practical issues you have; and our young people - at the frequency of pure love. Address challenge, fear and pressure, healthily.

Countries: Alaska, Malawi, East Palestine, USA, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Canada, Suriname, Indonesia, Belgium, Moldova, Brazil, Estonia.

Practical issues: Relatives who are sick and need extra care. Hard to concentrate or work; Children bullied at school; Changes made in the school environment that create anxiety and stress; Feeling ill and worrying about what it might be; Swallowing down feelings of resentment; Someone who works for you and asks for more money you don't have to give or don't want to, or they asked inappropriately; Farmers in the Netherlands; getting a home in the right place; sleeplessness; fear of war and military regime; psychic attacks; low self-esteem; lack of kindness towards oneself; true communication; food scarcity for people and animals; skin problems; isolation, family conflicts, trees, homelessness and the fear of losing one's home; control issues, pollution of water bodies, Earth, and the sky; selfishness; lack of support; hatred of the masculine; negative thoughts; depression; feeling unsafe; being tired of not being trusted and being tired of being asked to do something you have already done; wanting more sleep, less pressure.

Young people: Being tired of not being trusted and being tired of being asked to do something you have already done; wanting more sleep, less pressure; children who are not seen, heard or listened to; being too sensitive; young people addicted to phones; challenges of home education; lack of friendships; effects of technology; feeling unworthy; not knowing how to handle school systems; children put on prescription drugs for parents convenience; bullying and abuse; transgender agenda being pushed on children, food issues and weight gain; being treated like as a child as an adult; being able to ask for help; harmful school programs; suicide; pain our daughters feels seeing so many programmed children and teens witnessing violence between parents; fear of intimacy; shame of self-expression; feeling like something is wrong with oneself; receiving no liberty to be yourself; sexual abuse and homeless children.

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Event: Precision focus; Special events; Special focus.

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