Nourishing the spirit.

Jul 27, 2019

Strengthen that deeper core connect and return to nature which, in the purification space, comes with the dismantling of what is broken in your life. Surrender any pain over what is leaving your life for the integral dynamic of this universe which births you over and over again into the possibility of greater joy.

As your experience deepens in the purification space, you connect more deeply with nature and your spirit soars. You feel nourished and life becomes rich, beautiful and distinctly mystical. This nourishment naturally sees you do no harm. You need no rules or ethical mandate by which to achieve humility and quietness. Your life falls into the groove of that intrinsic body-connect which demands everything feels complete; done and finished as you go along. There is no interference from your concepts or ideas: merely fulfilling the tasks you need to do for yourself and your loved ones, from a genuine sense of responsibility and wish to do things well.

Out of this direct sense of feeding yourself with what truly makes you grow, you return to your local context, the emotional fabric of your life and bond with your natural environment … whether you live in the midst of the city or deep in the countryside. This path of action leaves no trace. You begin dreaming – inspired by care – for the further upliftment and benefit of self and others.

What a world this would be if we all lived this way. So simple. Within this dynamic, nature silently dismantles artificial reality and whatever does not follow its own rules. You have no need of understanding or working anything out. What is not yours; not in your best interest; or what you no longer need is simply taken or departs.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Nature, planet & all beings.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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