Jun 21, 2022

Recalibrate your consciousness. Understand more deeply via your own source connection how initiation, quadrality, purification and the purification space work. 

Please remember a recalibration is a live report and feedback in your own mirror of what is happening while you are listening, whether you can feel it or not.

Terms covered: initation, identity, pure love, omniscience, quadrality, negative and positive images; bonds of affection; care; slave self; not self; purification; other source; nature; nature's principles; purification space.

Contains a recalibration; commentary and Q&A track.

Related events: Establishing quadrality; Guilt, blame & shame; Heaven, earth & embodiment; No fault, no blame; Purity, choice & self nature; The purity setting of all humanity.

Event: Masterclass; Special events.

Theme: Masterclass; Special events.

Included: 3 mp3 links (122 mins), 3 transcripts (pdf).


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