March 2023 message .

Feb 28, 2023

Monthly message. Initiate and accelerate positive changes in society. Hear my personal message live for the month ahead; power up the purification space; receive practical pointers for the current world situation; and answers to your questions.

As things intensify and there is more and more external pressure to conform with agendas we have no say over, there is ever more invitation to take it back to the one place where everything really counts: that place where we stop, do not engage either positively or negatively, and the space then opens up for the insertion of our own unique identity and personal instructions into this reality. If we don't know how to stop, how will we stop anything else outside us? If we are not operating from a pure love frequency, how will anything we do be successful in stopping what we don't want? We know the answers to these questions ... now we must implement them.

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Event: Monthly message; Special events.

Theme: For these times.

Included: 1 mp3 link (91 mins), 1 video link (91 mins).


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