Knowing who you are.

Sep 11, 2021

Reinstate the primacy of complete knowing. Experience the flow of just your own true self in lived dynamic action. Live wholly out of the purity of you embodying that higher vision of yourself which others need to see. Be 100% true to yourself regardless of what doesn't fit; you don't know; what's unknown; and what scares you. Put intellectual knowing, being "a good person", "but how?" and "I don't know" back in the right place.

When you are being forced to make tough decisions, knowing who you are is essential. In the end, your source connection is the only source of authority. Betray this and you betray yourself - and everyone connected to you. But knowing what you think and feel is easier said than done. Or it appears that way. Emotions can churn inside your body. Your mental thought stream can get very loud and disturbing. Absolutely everybody has got an opinion. Then of course there are our governments and their all-obeying officials and institutions. The pressure can be incredible to do a certain thing. But knowing who you are, quite luckily, is nothing to do with that.

Knowing who you are is all about the inner separateness and togetherness of the purity aspect of you and the hybrid image - all turning up together in time and space. You are a composite of the natural (the purity aspect of your source connection) and the synthetic which is your purity mixed with an image which distorts you - this is the hybrid image, part of the slave self. Only when these 2 meet at exactly the same frequency and cancel each other out does who you are silently emerge in a single place at just one time. This will be a whole body feeling where there isn't even any question. You intrinsically know and see - and you have no doubt. This always happens at a very precise moment which we can't control - and there lies the task. We can make a decision before this happens because we have to ... and catch up with the rest of ourselves later. Or we can wait until the spontaneity occurs and then our decision will be truly final. Sometimes life on the outside forces us to choose before everything is in the right place. This will be for a reason. Other times the pressure is within: to finish the process of purifying the hybrid image before you make your move.

In times of extreme difficulty however, things take on a different tone. The urgency of something may be so huge we force a massive reset of ourselves: an out-of-time moment of internal reckoning because the implications are so great. We cannot listen to what is outside because we do not believe in anything we see. And we are not fully sure inside because our purification is not complete. Here the common value that runs through both is refusing to betray ourselves "and" others. At this moment we ourselves birth an image: a wholly positive one, rooted in just our own purity, which we haven't been living up to now. We recognise what we truly believe in and our spontaneous knowing changes up a gear - flooding forward on that higher frequency and shaping our very biology. This is a "feeling of flowing", which is complete knowing itself. Vast, indisputable and already in action, there is only the right decision.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Core issues; In your body; Proper use of the mind.

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