Keeping it clean.

Feb 16, 2022

Choose wholeheartedly to act and speak in alignment with the setting of pure love. Break away from supporting who and what does not support you regardless of the pain and difficulty. Close the cycle of fighting and becoming more entangled, implicated, and only feeding what you abhor. Collapse what is out of alignment cleanly and swiftly and commit to joining only your own purification space. 

We can purify and delete our false identities and patterns. This is actually the easy part because at the correct setting which is already provided for you in the purification space, this will happen automatically, whether we believe it or not. The real challenge is to firmly commit to that frequency on every level practically and to drop the people and behaviours which you already know are not in alignment with purity. Without this any purification cannot materialise and you will see no results or real concrete change.

We have to make a clean break. There are two "yeses" we need to enact. Firstly, if we want to embody something and materialise it, we must claim it with all of ourselves, not just some of ourselves, so it can take shape. This is why we choose to actually join a certain venture and sign on the dotted line for it - and we make that choice very carefully. Otherwise we will partake only at the level of just our own frequency and never operate at the setting of who and what we want to be. We remain on the same level, denying ourselves our full reality, merely dabbling mentally and emotionally.

Secondly, we have to cut away from the old us: leave behind old habits and behaviours which support our previous frequency or we will split ourselves between 2 worlds and live 2 lives. We cannot have both. Eventually we will not be able to bridge the gap and get left behind. This is hard and can be very painful. But the pain only grows more with time if we do not truly separate heart, body and mind from someone or something once we know it's not correct. If we don't stop supporting what limits and restricts us, we will become progressively more limited and restricted - and resisting and fighting against this, however cleverly or forcefully, will only fuel this vicious cycle further.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Abuse, addiction & dependency; Clearing & protection; Success & taking control.

Included: 1 mp3 link (19 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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