Just better choices.

Sep 26, 2020

Remove the dead energies; exhaustion; and the negative effects of forcing yourself to be something and someone who we are not long term - in order to survive. Break away from the old system and its manipulative grasp; loved ones; or form of your own previous self which have made you function as a mere shadow of yourself. Part ways with parental models of waiting to be told what to do; a higher presence guiding you; or external authorities looking after you - and move instead directly into the zone of pure love where you determine the new world to come, nurtured by the raw nutritive force of togetherness connecting all human beings.

As the old world falls away, its parameters become tighter and tighter before the coordinates holding that reality together, finally buckle and implode. We are left in an uncomfortable position: ever more choices in the new world - but not knowing what to do and feeling a lot of fear - alongside an increasingly restrictive existence where we find no joy.

We look for internal and external signs and curiously there are none. It can feel dead and hollow - also very tiring - through strangely exciting. This is where we learn that it is all about us now and what we have in our own unique instructions. There is no reason or purpose other than what we make it. And at the deepest level we start to understand that there is no God or overarching power waiting to show us the way. These are images given to us by society from the earliest age, masking something else. We realise there is neither a parental force nor anyone watching or a higher authority telling us what to do ... because in fact we are free ... and there is something else much much greater.

This is the surge of existence itself and the at-oneness which connects us with all human beings when we, however shakily, make decisions, for and by ourselves. Moving into that sovereign setting, we change our whole way of being and no longer obey the previous identity that was given to us. Suddenly the whole universe moves behind us and breaks off the last piece of that old world hanging on still confining us. Through action based on what is deeply right for us, there are just more choices - and our new world takes shape.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: In your body; Spiritual deprogramming.

Included: 1 mp3 (25 mins).


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