Intensify 4.

Dec 16, 2022

Live your highest potential. Kick out a key frequency distortion holding you back. Go deeper into the frequencies of the "Self nourishment" Reboot group and embody the deeper meaning behind my words. 

Self nourishment is to do with the match, in a pure love environment, with time-space coordinates. This includes the topic of nutrition but is not limited to it. Stillness, receptivity or what I call "the emptiness of non-being", and not self censoring are fundamental. In the parenting process we integrate our multidimensional feminine and intradimensional masculine, leading us to make meaning, which then ensures we connect with others and particularly food in a way that these things will always truly feed us.

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Event: Intensify; Special events.

Theme: Intensify; Special events; Abundance, money & business; In your body.

Included: 2 mp3 links (68 mins), 2 transcripts (pdf).


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