Intensify 3.

Sep 27, 2022

Live your highest potential. Kick out a key frequency distortion holding you back. Go deeper into the frequencies of the "The science of images 2" Reboot group and embody the deeper meaning behind my words. 

There is the world of truth and fiction and there is also the world of the mirror. The science of images is tied up with the latter. It can be positive or negative and if either are harnessed to an agenda, this then corrupts that science. Negative and positive images are rendered into fixed forms whereas by a simple positive or negative image is always temporary; never diagnostic; an opportunity for recalibration - and is certainly never wholly us.

The science of images allows us the faculty of choice. However subject to an agenda, any one image becomes a part of us so persuasively that we surrender that choice in favour of the agenda now controlling us. We willingly participate in the manufacture of a hybrid copy of ourselves: "us" the individual with "our" thoughts and feelings is forced out in favour of a predominant formulaic equation of how we should act and behave. And the problem with this, is that we can never conform to a mere algorithm because we are not being ourselves ... and so this necessitates going through a never-ending process of correction, re-education, "updates" and "boosters" in order to bridge the ever widening gap.

This is why the mirror function of our being is so important. It integrates the truth vs fiction dichotomy into the currency of care and the infinite aspect of our being where any one experience is always part of purification and either a strengthening and more embodying of that purity or a transmutation of something impure, hybrid and synthetic which never was truly a part of ourselves. In a very strange way, this is why negative high frequency beings are so focused on eugenics. Being largely hybrid beings without their own inbuilt purification mechanism because they are of another source, they are constantly trying to eradicate, by themselves, what is derived of source connection and nature's principles.

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Event: Intensify; Special events.

Theme: Science of images.

Included: 2 mp3 links (85 mins), 2 transcripts (pdf).


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