Intensify 2.

Aug 11, 2022

Live your highest potential. Kick out a key frequency distortion holding you back. Go deeper into the frequencies of the "The end of the slave self: losing all spiritual identities" Reboot group and embody the deeper meaning behind my words. 

In the desperate search for release and self betterment we can totally forget that we have grasped on to an image - a spiritual identity which does this - and then gives its power away to a guru, religious teacher or spiritual path. That image appears within the light of us and naturally purifies ... we also forget this ... and we get lured into the powerful suggestion that something has to be done about "us" - the one who is perpetually flawed and wrong.

That "you" who is lacking somehow is just an image reflected back to you in a consensual (negative) mirror, appearing in the light of you and offered by another source. Of course there is more than one type of mirror in this universe but the one which gives you an inherently flawed hypothesis of your own self, that always needs fixing, definitely needs seeing through.

The power of the recognition that we fall in love over and over again not only with our many spiritual identities, but all of its many adventures, strengthens us in the frequency of ourselves as pure love. Just like smiling parents we are not so concerned, because we know all of this silliness will burn itself out. A child in the end always tires itself out. And, it also stops us from deliberately intervening, which will only compound the activity and once again be from the frequency of the slave self. All spiritual identities in this historical era will die. And we will lose the entire simulated reality in which they are such a compelling fiction.

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Event: Intensify; Special events.

Theme: Intensify; Special events; Slave self; Spiritual deprogramming.

Included: 2 mp3 links (64 mins), 2 transcripts (pdf).


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