Infinite possibilities.

Feb 2, 2019

Potentiate the full spectrum of your infinite field rather than a limited set of variables based on your family patterns. Particularly for situations where you need to make something happen; bring about change; or don’t know what to do - but need a practical solution to a current situation or problem.

When we attempt to make the future happen, it slips through our fingers. Often, when we aim to achieve something, it moves away from us and constantly eludes us. When there is immense pressure to be seen to be doing something; achieve results; find a job or a home; or make more money we can wind ourselves up into a complete state of frustration, tension and agitation .... inevitably we cycle between giving up, letting go, trying again, then even more effort to succeed - which can drive us to despair if not exhaustion.

You cannot make this universe happen. It already does. Instead you can engage it in the way that it already works; then jump to the next vibration of the infinite possibilities which already exist. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. And we do not need to know what we want either (just something better). What you really want already exists. It is aligning there - vibrationally - instead of where you already are.

Many of the techniques out there fall under the heading of creating reality and engage you in making what needs to happen, happen. This will ultimately lead to failure. If you don’t manifest what you want, somehow you will have failed and it will all be your fault. There is perhaps nothing more disempowering than your current state of life being a symbol of how successful, talented, or good you are - especially if it is going spectacularly badly. If you operate out of lack, lack will be woven into its fabric and eventually its reality - and your confidence - will crumble and not hold. What begins in lack will always end in lack. Or put another way, it may have come to you, but it was not given to you so it was only ever partially yours.

There is another way, which works seamlessly with your source connection. When you let go of all agendas, ideas of and demands on yourself and others, you naturally interconnect with the infinity of your being where all possibilities already lie. There, the full quotient of you, including that aspect which lies in the very highest range of your vibratory capacity, can be a part of the equation. You will start to resonate and engage at the level of the whole quantum field. Then you can head towards what truly serves you and it will also be naturally magnetised towards you ... because there is nothing to stop it happening.

Here lies the essence of how your source connection and this universe truly works. It is very precious knowledge. And not just knowledge: in this space, it becomes an automatic way of being. The more we show up, the more we purify everything which does not really serve us. Whether you know what needs to leave or not - and whether you want to let go of it or not - it will be taken. You cannot even put down your own baggage. In fact you don’t need to. In this space it is guaranteed. That is why all striving and trying - although it has time on to process - is never the first step. That comes afterwards. First comes silence and stillness where you have nothing more to do and nothing more that you know to do. Without this there can be no materialisation of what you wish to see. There is a direct relationship between silence and how much energy you have; how happy you are; and how much money you have.

You only need to turn towards your own source connection and step into that space. The rest is taken care of. There are no requirements, no demands and certainly no standards. There the agendas, the ideas and all the beliefs will be taken away, leaving you free to re-engage where you really resonate and truly thrive. In fact you can’t do anything else. More of all of you floods in; lifts you up on its shoulders; and simply carries you in the direction you need to go. Then the conscious choosing and volition, the actioning and the efforting can begin. Strange to say, at times this may be very challenging and to all intents and purposes seem 'wrong'. Nevertheless at the same time you will experience somewhere, deeply in you, how it simply feels 'right'. 

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Success & taking control.

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