Apr 17, 2019

Clear those close to you as well as yourself of deep rotted heart disturbances. Clean up the many generations of your family who have suffered the loss of loved ones particularly in war and times of disease and hunger. Mend the heart, strengthen your body and live and believe in yourself again, directly from the core so there is joy.

The pain at heartbreak can be the hardest to get past. We are all at the core, very tender, very fragile beings … and sometimes we must endure colossal devastations and times of immense grief that no one would wish on another.

What is taken was never truly yours and what we are given is only ever temporary. But in the solidness of this universe we tend to forget that and the wish to own, possess and make our fortunes permanent is more often the overriding factor: colouring our motivations and leading us to suffer gravely.

We have all known heartbreak in one form or another. And when this wound is deep, it can cause us literally to split into two identities, which increasingly as we journey on, pit themselves against each other. The root of many mental conditions is irreconcilable pain in the heart. And at its deepest level, this can lead to a complete closing of the door on love.

Whether you have known great sadness, grief and loss or are suffering from romantic heartbreak, these wounds must ease out into the shallows and finally wash away before we can be made whole and the heart truly open again. So often we feel we are not enough; can never be loved; and don’t really know how to love. This is the result when, for whatever reason, the heart has broken.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Love & relationships.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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