Heart seeds.

Jan 4, 2023

Help others in the right way. Use your own ability, with the correct timing for everyone involved, to fill with and absorb pure love to assist those who are suffering. Relinquish false narratives which forbid you from using the full potential of your own source connection. Align with only that genuine whole bodied movement rooted in purity itself, which always activates to release others from suffering in precisely the manner they need. 

When we witness the severe plight of another being or are deeply worried about the situation of someone we care about, we can be moved by a colossal force which is earthed and in alignment with pure love. This is called compassion. At these times, if our boundaries are correct and we are strong in our own source connection, we can consciously choose to fill with and absorb pure love in the name of another.

Because that being will only be moved by purity itself to plug more deeply into their own selves, communicating via only their own source connection and stimulating only their own self healing ability ... this is not inappropriate, an imposition or an intrusion. We will not carry anyone else's burdens since we will only be drawing on our own purity and they on theirs. And all of this will only take place if our desire is truly genuine, sincere and at the correct frequency.

In fact it is very important that we use our own ability to purify for others as well as ourselves. Not only does this strengthen our own ability to purify - including any similar patterns we have too - but it deletes those identical patterns in all others we are connected with on the gold frequency. The outcome is win-win and has massive implications for loved ones who we may be very concerned about; our world situation; and all beings in the future too. And particularly important is the effect on our children who can be potentially released from the same suffering ...

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups.

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