Healthy control.

Feb 1, 2023

Hold the boundary of your own frequency integrity. Solidify in maintaining deadlines and establishing what you know needs to happen so that as you move out into the world you are already that environment of healthy control for others which needs to be reinforced. Operate out of that firm place which is clear about simply saying no, in the right place in the right way, when the time comes. Bring together the external world with your individual life claiming all of your frequency potential.

Taking healthy control is to do with time. But not just that, it is to do with matching the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual with that marker of purity integrity - as given by your body - linked to your own source connection. It is also saying no in the sense of doing no harm. And it is acting in the external world so the sphere of individuality and personal concerns is never endangered or threatened by what is wrong.

Keeping all the balls in the air in today's world is no mean feat. But we have an innate sense when one area of our lives is getting neglected. In the same way, all humans have the uncanny ability despite strong forces which may be compelling them in a certain direction, to pull everything into line making sure the main job gets done. This is the incredible ingenuity of us. But it is much more than this. It is the purity itself that we are, landing here, because we are so intent on things being the way they need to be.

We are in healthy control in so many ways, most of the time, without even realising it. However, there is a huge challenge in our times. We must say no to what is wrong whatever the cost and see what nature decides. This in itself is a great happening, which when the moment comes, pulls on inestimable numbers of other beings on the planet who are also doing and saying the same thing. Staying in healthy control is always choosing and sticking with your greatness - even though you doubt it sometimes. You are powerful and such a bright force. That is purity itself - the spark of infinity - and this never ever dies.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Success & taking control.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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