Health reset.

Dec 11, 2021

Get back in control of your own health. Step into that "high frequency you" already on the purity setting. Operate from your own ability to undo, transmute and generate a higher biology and new physical body. Interact healthily in the right way with external medical practitioners and pathways. Avoid the trap of doing nothing; doing nothing effective to change a poor health condition; relying just on your slave self; or being totally dependent on an external figure for experiencing the complete wellness you know you yourself are capable of.

Just like ultimate happiness, spiritual enlightenment and "the answer", we are always seeking that magic bullet which gives us perfect health. Deep in us, we do know, that we are not meant to experience illness. We remember when this was the case. But real health generally, totally eludes us, because we cannot generate our own frequencies of wellness at the correct level and we do not know how to properly engage with external healers, remedies and medical methods.

To be able to experience total health right down to the physical you must be able to transmit the frequency of the signal where there is no illness. And within that signal will be the 3 frequencies of "undo", "transmute" and "generate". Without this, you will always be beholden to an external party or medicine to fix you, immediately introducing a type of dependency - which will be more successful if it can tip you into the frequency of that signal just described - but quite often it doesn't or it can't.

So it is never about the theory or the modality a certain healer brings. This is secondary. Sometimes your own self healing ability will bring you a second party externally to aid you in your healing journey. But this will only fully work if you yourself have stepped out of that frequency where something is wrong with you and re-entered reality as that version of you operating out of a new much higher frequency. After this, it will be about the frequency of the external practitioner themselves - not their approach. And then finally, it will also be to do with their modality. People fall into thinking they can either do it all themselves or "this is the way" and they have found the one correct healer or healing pathway. It is neither since both options are still without that one crucial ingredient. You must have shed that 'old you' who you never were, which operated on the frequency of reliance on the external including doctors and celebrity healers. You must embody your own high frequency self that is pure love, which both purifies and burns up everything unlike itself - whether you attempt to remedy a condition on your own or with other support.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Rejuvenate; Self healing; Spiritual deprogramming.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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