Handing back the power.

Jun 29, 2019

Unhook from any false domain of light, power or promises where you have been misguidedly seeking nurture and sustenance. This will particularly help with rebalancing your masculine and feminine psyche so you only let in what never takes and you place yourself in clean spaces where you never receive … much more than you bargained for.

Once we understand who we are and that we have to walk our own path, the dynamics of success and materialisation become available to us. We become concerned with the practical details of life – how we want things to shape up – and getting past anything in the way.

But for the source of our own being to actually embody and flow right into our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers, not only must the wiring of our source connection be free of patterns and blocks, we must let go of any external sources of power so we operate only according to our own personal set-up.

There are so many enticing and attractive ‘means’ by which we might shortcut the process of embodiment but we then become subject to wherever we place our hope instead. Great healing powers, love, care, health, knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, looks and wealth can come from a variety of sources, but there is always a shadow side to these arrangements.

Look carefully at the checks and balances:

  • Is your own path the centre – with you taking over more and more healthy control of your own choices and super-ordinary abilities until you can do it yourself?
  • What is the cost: are you tied into any agreements or free to come and go?
  • Do you receive something very powerful or special, but end up unable to live your life the way you wish to, because of it?

True power has no agenda and resides unmarshalled within the precinct of your own domain. Any external agent will only hold the space for you to plug back into your own self – not into them or anyone or anything else. And, you will automatically purify and shed anything in the way as a result of that contact.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Global issues.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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