Frequency vulnerability.

Aug 18, 2021

Regenerate and rebuild the unitive harmonic of your personal field, specifically in relation to the images behind illness. Switch on the area of your personal instructions which undoes and transmutes weaknesses and abnormalities in your personal field; conditions which change your genome; and the image sponsoring thoughts, emotions and actions rooted in fear - giving frequency vulnerability to disease.

Your personal field is like a tapestry or a web of lights. They form a continuous mesh of frequency - which while consistent and unbroken has no vulnerability. Just like a blanket, where fibres interweave, one strong fabric is formed which warms and protects. But also, just like a blanket, the fabric can become jaded, worn, stain and develop holes. Then it does not keep you quite so warm, its condition slowly deteriorates, and you are not so immune to the cold.

You have your own self healing ability. And in your personal instructions lie specific sequences for undoing frequency vulnerability, transmuting it and then regenerating your personal field. Without this, no amount of medicine will make you well or the latest science. This modality cannot fully account for the root of why some get sick and others don’t.

Some get ill because an image already resides in or has entered their personal field. Their frequency is distorted and compromised, rendering them easily vulnerable to sicknesses on the same wavelength. Then it is easy to “catch” anything. Some get ill because their field is stronger and has not been penetrated by an image but they are intermeshed with the death space and therefore susceptible to a mild form of the illness that others have. And some have a strong high frequency field which in the proximity of an image or someone else who is sick, easily purifies that. This person may experience the echo of a condition in the burn-off, be very lightly or temporarily affected by symptoms in their body periphery, but they are able to move on quickly.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Flower again; Reboot groups; Clearing & protection; For these times; Rejuvenate; Science of images; Self healing.

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