Forming the new Earth grid 2.

Dec 7, 2022

Build the new Earth grid at a much deeper level accelerating both your own and other's physical transmutation past the point of their family patterns. Clean up a troubled geophysical location of your choice in concert with Exercise 1 from the October 2022 Silent immersion retreat. Use your personal instructions to override and rewrite your local neighbourhood. Connect deeply with the mountains on this planet. [Exercise 2 from the October 2022 Silent immersion retreat).

It is always wonderful to align ourselves in nature and embody pure love. But there are also many places on Earth's surface where the frequencies are diminished and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies at said location are distorted or even negative. When done correctly, we can speed both our own purification and that of the place in question, building the new Earth grid even further.

This is no frivolous pursuit. Anyone can stand somewhere and do a visualisation or even meditate. But if you are not actually filling with pure love and operating at that very frequency, all you will do at best is get calmer and quieter for a while and then the opposite will happen soon afterwards. You may even walk away with a lot more than you bargained for, thinking you have had some profound spiritual effect.

When we are established in absorbing pure love and have been doing that for some time as part of Exercise 1, we can choose a more challenging location and make a deep and lasting change - in line with nature itself. We will then connect in with the mountains on the planet which anchor that greater force flowing through the Earth grid and stand in the full power of ourselves. When our personal instructions for overcoming old Earth energies fire up, the unhooking from frequencies which hook us into family patterns is monumental. Done without ambition, this is the stuff of real integrity, compassion and transformation - what others incorrectly call "saving the planet".

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Reboot groups; Nature, planet & all beings.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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