For our children.

Jul 30, 2022

Absorb pure love as a child or young person. Regenerate a child or teen you know. Listen together with a child or gift this to a young person. Nourish your own child within. Speak the language of love, happiness, contentment, safety and wellbeing again in your families and everyday lives.

Adult, teen or child - we can absorb pure love really, actually and physically into our body. We can also do this for a child or teen we know and for our own child within. This is incredibly important. The frequency of pure love entering direct through our own source connection is the quickest, most powerful way we can reverse absolutely anything. It keeps us strong, happy and healthy.

The more we do this, the more we take control over our own lives and any difficulty we have including physical problems. We also affect others by just being happier to be around. We don't even have to say anything. Our bodies are like a battery or a light bulb. We can fill up with love again and this love will heal us from the inside out.

We live in a time when so much is possible. In the past, this ability to switch ourselves on and grow back again at a new much higher frequency level where self healing is automatic was not even open to us. Now, especially our young children can do this, and our young people are able to initiate very incredible changes inside themselves. And, we ourselves as adults can also regenerate both ourselves and the children we know, love and care for. It's an incredible gift we have all been given in this human incarnation.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Childhood & the ancestors; Self healing; Young people & children.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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