Food, craving & addiction.

Jan 31, 2023

Higher levels intensive. Purify the link between food issues, the ending of the slave self and interdimensional beings. Move on from cravings, dietary fixation, and parasites. Unearth the relationship between money, fear, what is hidden and emotional eating patterns. Deal with digestive system changes influenced by both the evolution of the new Earth grid and alien frequencies. Navigate the minefield of personal food needs and expensive healthy shopping - also eating out, especially in social situations. 

A huge factor in the very real experience and pain of addiction to, and craving, certain foods is interdimensional beings and the delivery of their programmes into the human being. That in turn is linked with our world situation - the so-called external world and things we usually consider simply beyond our power. Acting there, not of our rejection / fighting or acceptance, but out of our purity, balances with and strengthens the effectiveness of the individual solutions and remedies we implement where we have a food fixation. It cancels out guilt and shame where we have felt powerlessness leading us to take full healthy control over all of our personal field, which includes our locality, community and the world at large, and then pushes out the root frequency vulnerability to addiction in the first place.

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Event: Higher level intensives; Special events.

Included: 1 mp3 link (91 mins), 1 video link (91 mins).


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