Finding yourself: non-interference.

Jul 17, 2019

Disengage with what is "wrong" and return to the centre of the maze where all you find is that fully potent "you". Let go of false projects and trajectories in favour of more deeply aligning with your own natural luminosity, so you more quickly rebuild along that positive axis, where all is success and real change.

A critical component of rebuilding during the purification process is finding yourself: an increasingly clearer, unified signal that you know to be "you being you." When this happens, you naturally begin to shift into the principle of non-interference. First of all you stop looking for yourself anymore. You know that what shows up on the physical, emotional and mental is simply the outcome of the process rather than the problem – and stop trying to change things. What becomes more important is matching the very purity of our own being and not getting in the way of it healing all the areas of our lives which are "not working."

Even your spiritual beliefs are simply the manifestation of a previous way of being, now dismantling. You don’t need beliefs anymore. There is just you making better and better choices out of what is already naturally unfolding. So-called negative and positive become one and the same; merely temporary ever-changing versions of one process which is always lightening, shedding and getting better. Investing ourselves in others’ problems; what’s wrong with the world; and what’s wrong with ourselves – all get put down and we cease becoming so involved.

Some people get very upset about non-interference. They presume it is some type of passive powerlessness or a lack of taking responsibility. This is more to do with the person thinking this. Non-interference is the only true act of resistance and it has a dazzling purity: any human being operating according to it, is extremely active, productive, creative, compassionate and efficient. Everything and everyone contains the instructions for self-healing and regeneration – the correction of any problem out there – and these instructions automatically activate in the purification space. The point is to let dysfunctional processes fall apart without trying to fix them … so new shoots can grow in the right way from truly fertile soil.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Core issues; Crisis, pain & challenge.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins).


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