Fear & pain on your own path.

Jul 3, 2019

Persevere on your own path, getting to grips with that critical stage where you start to feel the practical pressures of having to make choices for yourself, seemingly over others. Deal with any sense of isolation arising from a completely different place, using it to empower you.

It’s tough at the top, as they say, and, it is especially tough when you start to change and you find that there is no one around you who really understands or who is interested in (or even knows) what you’re talking about. We can often find ourselves rejected, ridiculed or sidelined because of who we are becoming. We may even choose not to be around some people anymore, because it is so difficult.

The resulting isolation can be very intense. We know we can’t help people; they don’t want to change, be informed or look at themselves; and we can see they are hurting themselves and the planet. But withdrawing doesn’t seem to be the answer either. We still need the right people and places for us, if only we could find them.

Then there is the fear of not knowing what might happen to our more significant relationships; our ability to work or live somewhere; even pay for things; if we continue this way … which of course we will … because we are doing what we believe in. When it’s good, it’s really good and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Nobody can walk your path for you and embodying your source connection is extremely demanding. Very quickly, you have to start standing up for what is right for you, even if it challenges others. Otherwise, with your heightened capacity, those around you may unconsciously leech that higher vibration off of you and even use it against you. As the purification process goes on, there is less and less room for political correctness; simply going along with things; being all loving; waiting until you’re asked; and doing things to accommodate others’ dysfunctions.

The option for compromising yourself dwindles into nothing.

Eventually a clear, calm detachment emerges and a solid sense of security, which in time shapes everyone you have ever connected with. We must surrender our non-aligned actions and emotions before we truly master our own selves and in the purification space, fear and pain take on an entirely different quality. They become the purifiers themselves: the tools of your transmutation.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Mastering fear; Success & taking control.

Included: 1 mp3 (19 mins).


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