Energetic integrity.

Jun 12, 2019

Say no to what does not serve you, as an act of strength, without catalysing a further breach of your own ability to be who you are. Catalyse disconnecting, saying no and walking away rather than rebelling, rejecting or engaging in . . acts of defiance, law-breaking, violence or aggression. Make that clean break from the inside out: a simple choosing to no longer associate in any way with what does not uplift and match our own highest values. 

When you have contradiction in your life, your vibration does not hold. Full embodiment of your source connection is not possible. There is so much duplicity now, that what is right can be made wrong; and what is clearly wrong gets held up as right. What you consort with on the outside, must match the inside. And at all times, the command of the source of your own purity must rest in your own hands, rather than be dependent on the actions and prognostications of others.

This is not a question of morality or ethics. It is deeper than that. When we put down what is not right for us and what we do not wish for others either, we materially engage with a set of outcomes where good can take root and a universal justice can prevail where all returns to its right place. Often great purity can be found within an abusive configuration, making it difficult to let go of that abuse because of the great benefits it bestows. In the mirror of our own brightness, we so often hope to recognise our own selves. But abuse is abuse – and even purity within that framework will be a downgraded, shoddy version of the truth, which will likewise downgrade your own vibration.

Only when we realise that we must walk away from light-dark combination scenarios so their shadow side can collapse and no longer be fuelled by our own energetic integrity – can there be the change we really wish to see on this planet. Even one drop of your own purity is worth more than its distorted image in the words and actions of another. At the correct frequency the external falls away and no longer has the power to bind us. Then we become the fertile ground ourselves for the most urgent transmutation of all: forward movement and solutions which truly nurture and sustain us, yielding yet more positive outcomes in this world, directed by our own source intelligence.

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Abuse, addiction & dependency; Love & relationships.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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