Eliminating destructive patterns of power & control in relationships.

Dec 29, 2018

Surrender to any domination, negative power, control and abuse in your life and in the world so you can act powerfully with precision, detachment and clarity - strongly maintaining your boundaries.

It is now our task to choose what it is we wish to leave and wish to take. Essentially we are being asked to delve deeper, much deeper, into the core of our own being where there is a certain knowledge that a life not spent in resistance, fighting and struggle is possible. You have the seeds of this new way of being. They are already within you and now they are growing. Be certain that you are able, not only to surrender to the powerlessness and extreme intensity you can feel in dominating relationships and at the hands of any system of negative power, control and abuse … but to detach from it, override it and … completely overwrite it.

You are here on this planet at this time for a reason. To put things right – because you can. And the place that you do this in is principally your close, family and intimate relationships. Essentially your life is an act of love in the face of all that you truly do not love. Only when we can accept that what we experience in our lives personally and what we witness in the world is within our own power to healthily steer, direct and change will we truly learn to harness our source connection. Avoidance and rejection is not enough. Elitism and withdrawal is not acceptable. Fighting fuels the shadow. Returning to the source of your being however, before taking healthy constructive action, leads the shadow in this world and its destruction into the place where everything can be undone.

Will you detach from unhealthy power and control – accepting it, not running away from it, and knowing clearly that it is wrong – and surrender both yourself and that abuse to the source of your own being … Or will you drown in rage, negativity and despair; ever railing against reality; trapping yourself in misery; adding to the destruction; and merely hope for better days? Will you study your life and actions; act to extricate yourself from what controls and dominates you; saying yourself what needs to be said and doing yourself what needs to be done … Or will you spend all your energy, exhausting yourself, trying to combat, resist and change others, while remaining in exactly the same space, weakening your own source connection? There is still great deal to be done on this planet. Until the external world changes our path is not finished. We must continue to tackle the character traits and situations we know are abusive and unacceptable in our personal lives and our immediate environment, until these wavelengths of existence simply no longer exist … to even control us.

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Event: End of the destructive feminine.

Theme: End of the destructive feminine; Communication & speaking up; Family issues; Love & relationships.

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