Death 101.

Jul 18, 2022

Reset your mental body. Integrate the frequencies of death into your experience of quadrality. Answer all your questions about what happens when the body drops.

This event lifts the lid on many aspects of death including: a deeper understanding of what it really is; heaven and hell; the white light; NDEs; euthanasia; burial practices; the difference between death for animals and death for humans; the last moment before death; violent death; transferring the name of someone dead to someone living; what is the soul; dead spirits; 'angel babies', miscarriage and stillbirth; birth as death; sleep and death; the question of eternality; past life regression; what to say to children about death; death, robotisation and "other sources" - and much much more.

Related events: An end to the death space; Dead energies & how to separate from them; Dropping the body; Freedom is deadly; Is death real?; Preparing for death; Releasing the dead; The next life; Transmuting the death space; We never die.

Event: 101 series; Special events.

Theme: Dead energies.

Included: 3 mp3 links (133 mins), 3 transcripts (pdf).


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