Control & the angry child.

Jul 20, 2022

Remove the frequency markers of meltdown, madness, and self harm powering destructive acts and conflict. Transmute the setting of the angry child, internalised rage states, and extreme negative control triggering implosion, abuse and the unrestrained hurting of people. Transform the energetic environment of an explosive child you know, bringing them into balance and restoring freedom, play, self expression and creativity within a healthy new environment of boundaries and true safety.

When we cement ourselves firmly in the landscape of pure love we always operate within the correct context whatever appears. Even the most prolonged and worst conflict, though extremely painful, is not enough to move us from our frequency setting. We endure more than others can see or imagine, especially when the angry child within explodes, as it so often does.

What is the angry child? It's easy to think of this as just our own internalised self censoring or a young person who feels out of control when their rage simply can no longer be suppressed. They can't communicate and often end up getting themselves into a state, hurting themselves and causing anguish for the ones who love them. However, it's far more likely in these times to be an adult behaving this way. And, when their multidimensional self appears, that whole slave self configuration simply cannot keep a foothold anymore. It goes into a supreme meltdown because it is no longer in control - with all the damage, mess and complete chaos that ensues.

You could also say that this is what we are seeing today - with the ending on the old order - which, maybe not coincidentally, could be wrapped up with child abuse as well. The heavy police state, within and without, with all its brutality and coercion, vampirises the light of joy and spontaneity. This denies and forbids freedom and creativity, producing full throttle zombie armies with the same negative control issues, which mandate only more on behalf of their abusive overlords. The fact remains nonetheless, when we stand firm, however terrifying, that this mental madness announces our own arrival on a very hallowed doorstep. This is the threshold of the childlike state of innocence: having fun, being close to nature, and being able to express ourselves ... regardless of the tyranny and insanity of those who, very sadly, have surrendered control of their own source connection. 

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Abuse, addiction & dependency; Childhood & the ancestors; Young people & children.

Included: 1 mp3 link (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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