Breaking the spell.

Jun 26, 2021

Strengthen your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ability to birth the new high frequency you, which overturns that "something else" in the world you know is not right. Birth your multidimensional self in the world based only in your own source connection. Encounter your own purity in every circumstance, bear witness to yourself and be seen by others. Include yourself and others in the natural outpouring of who you are, so you do no harm. Bring your feelings into correct alignment with nature - ending abuse and its possibility in all beings, including yourself.

A point comes where the spell is broken. It is realised that it never was about you - what you were or weren’t doing - it’s "something else". And that something else isn’t you. When we say no to that, the rest does not matter. This is the pivot on which all change happens, even in the very darkest circumstances. We have our power back. Nature can then step in and decide what the correct course of events should be, including anywhere in ourselves which will further purify. This is because there is space for purity to take centre stage again - rather than being constantly defended and salvaged from the ragged encounters of our old identity. Now everything and anything is possible. It’s about what you want … and who wants the same thing ...

It is all about bonds of affection, which issue out of the sixth element. These become the baseline of all action, rather than instinct, scientific principles, morality or pure creativity. New bonds of affection are forged in the new high frequency with those who truly share the same values. And existing bonds of affection where they are true, only deepen, with yet more love embodying on the planet. When these values are mutual, communicated and shared, what comes next singly and together, is unstoppably powerful. Saying no is a very powerful event. It is spontaneous and it cannot be made to happen. It is seismic, often born out of the fractures in your being. And yet it does happen - all of the time - when we hear and put first, the call of our own purity. And we can even wish sometimes, that it didn’t!

This is the emergence of the new us. In that precious moment, as part of Mother Earth consciousness, there is self-recognition. This closes out judgment, guilt, despair and diagnosis of ourselves and others based on temporary negative emotions. We simply recognise who we are and how we feel and we can also change, blame-free, because we are taking real responsibility. This is representing our own selves and only collaborating, supporting and sharing with others with the same values … as opposed to being forced to do something dictated by just one party … or being held irreversibly accountable by someone reducing you to a single action, definition or label. And others can also change, blame-free, too. It’s not about what you - or they - did or didn’t say or do. It is about a new factor, suddenly, which is an unshakeable feeling. Others either recognise this or they don’t. And it’s no longer about the "something else" either. This new you, and its power, is simply so much brighter, more passionate, lighter, healthy, vigorous, stronger and more preferable, you simply can’t engage with anything else ...

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Clearing & protection; Core issues.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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