Body transition frequency acceleration 2.

Oct 23, 2021

Mediate a swift, smooth jettisoning of major redundant relationships, people, places, memories and external structures in our lives. Regulate your own body and your life in tune with nature, lightness, joy and efficiency. Process grief and sadness faster, more easily moving on. Cleanly disentangle from what is no longer you.

Fire burns and water flows. You are a combination of the 2; the fire of freedom. Just like a river we need to flow quickly in full volume without being too slowed down by blocks and obstacles. We also need to be able to speed up and slow down smoothly - accelerate and steer - when we are transitioning from something old to something new.

As the flame of light in us purifies everything it meets, the lightest and fastest end of our bandwidth forcibly ejects the densest energies in our personal field. This sees us wholly occupy an even more entertaining broadcast on the radio set of reality with even greater opportunities for personal expression and freedom. It allows the rest of our broad spectrum to 'change up' to a higher level of specification - giving us more solidity, power, efficiency and a higher, more even, rate of momentum.

So transition always takes place across a dual axis of compounding and strengthening versus shedding and quickening. This is the heat and cold - the fire and the water of us - which regulates how brightly we burn. We simultaneously experience the death of the past and where we are stuck - major major burdens holding us back; people, places and relationships we have been carrying for far too long - and catapult ourselves into a completely new reality.

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Event: Silent immersion retreats; Special events; October 2021 Silent immersion retreat.

Theme: Silent immersion retreats; Special events; Clearing & protection; Frequency-body correction; Rejuvenate; October 2021 Silent immersion retreat.

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