Beautiful being.

Apr 29, 2022

With Ernesto Fiks. Grasp the essence of your existence right now and what is happening on the planet. Emerge more powerfully in quadrality; connect even more strongly with the gold frequency; and rebirth both yourself and your loved ones. Strengthen your resolve to weather these times with the necessary patience and optimism.

It is easy to forget how amazing this world is and how much positivity, progress and hope there is on the planet. While there is still a great deal to do and there's no doubt we are being made to think that everything is a certain way - this Earth is changing. Love and purity is the frequency of our own being, and in quadrality, we recognise ourselves as voyagers through time with the power to change anything.

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Event: April 2022 Silent immersion retreat; Silent immersion retreats; Special events.

Theme: For these times; Global issues; Quadrality.

Name: Ernesto Fiks.

Included: 1 mp3 link (4 mins), 1 video link (4 mins), 1 transcript (pdf).


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