Back to the beginning.

Dec 26, 2018

Purify your attachments to your mother, your mother issues and your notions of 'mother'. Release the dysfunctional aspect of your relationship with your mother, harness the parental aspect of your own being in the feminine and go back to where all possibilities lie … including your birth, your death and all mothers.

All is well with your mother, be she alive or dead. Leave her to the purity of your own source connection. What is done is done. There is no need to look back. You are now newly harnessing the part of yourself that healthily parents, first yourself and then all others. Any Mother archetypes which you have been drawing on are realigning directly with the truth of your own being.

You are back at the beginning: the place even before your own birth. This is where you always are – the origin of Mother itself. Here all possibilities lie and you are free to choose again. What do you want? Just as a mother desires the very best for her child, you now should choose what it is you would like to experience in this world. Naming just a small thing is the place to start. Then, concluding that you already have this thing because this is the place of all possibilities, how would you then feel? This is how a mother gives birth. She feels the ripeness of the fruit she already carries and tenders herself day-by-day exactly as she is … until that fruit is ready to drop from the tree.

When we release our mother issues and witness our own birth … and death … we are Mother and give birth to the seed we carry within us which manifests the dream of ourselves. We are given the precise biological mother we need to let go of – in life and in death – so we finally are reborn as our true selves. Let go and carry only yourself now, full-term. When you go back to the beginning, all mothers, all mother issues and all mother archetypes purify and find their correct place.

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Event: End of the destructive feminine; Reboot groups.

Theme: Family issues.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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