Ask & purify.

Feb 17, 2023

Ask me questions directly online through the chat. Find out about absolutely any topic. Find your own answers via your own source connection and dissolve into the peace out of which all questions and answers come.

1. Hi! Are negative frequency beings basically humans that are, in a majority of their being, overtaken?
2. As for AI, the lastest track, can we train AI according to the right source?
3. What are 'empty pure love frequencies?'
4. Please give spark for clearing to allow me to relocate to my home country India.
5. What is that extreme fatigue that arises sometimes; my head becomes cloudy and the body weak, and I feel like I am passing out in the middle of the street.
6. My health issues are building again, and I know I need to leave my job, but I don't want to be in debt again. Having issues trying to have my heart lead my head. Help!
7. I asked my 13 year old son if he could ask you anything, what would it be?
8. If we were to drop the bad body suddenly, what occurs exactly? Where would we choose to go, knowing that going to the light is part of the simulation mechanism? 
9. Are you coming to Australia?
10. I found the last Reboot, 'Algorithms, AI & awareness' to be disturbing and distressing. This is not how I normally feel after listening to a Reboot track. Comments, please.
11. You said our geographical Earth is actually just like a County within a much greater world. Can you please elaborate?
12. What so cold hands have to do with filling with pure love?
13. How to work in a hospital as a nurse in a heart cath Laboratory?
14. My friend is very frightened of a cataclysm. She's not able to be here but asked me to ask.
15. What's the difference between fulfilling a role or destiny if you were born into a role to hold the purification space then?
16. Is Karmic delete 10 on it's way?
17. How do I bring my own personal instructions with me? How come I have been unaware of them for so long if I did? And how come I am not still not conscious of whatever the personal instructions I carry? great question.
18. I get so tired and confused when listening; what is going on?

Event: Ask & purify; Special events; Special focus.

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