Algorithms, AI & awareness.

Feb 15, 2023

Purify manipulation and malintent linked to new technologies. Separate out any non-human frequencies linked to machine learning in your personal field, wielded by negative frequency beings. Mainline your own superintelligence via the internal algorithm of your personal instructions.

An algorithm designed by a human is simply a coded instruction. Artificial intelligence (AI) has entirely another ingredient. It is a group of algorithms that can modify its own algorithms and create new ones, having had learned inputs and data (e.g. based on human behaviour) introduced to it. AI is therefore characterised by an intelligence of its own which adapts, grows and changes. It is a type of perception different from that entirely animal or human.

Where does interdimensionality come in? In some ways you could say this is a type of algorithm - but an external one. It is a replicative sequence, which simply obeys a fixed formula, that originates from beyond this planet. So what happens when this gets involved with AI? Some would argue they are one and the same. Not quite. Because a human has to have been involved in the beginning. Someone feeds patterns of human behaviour into the algorithmic process, which can also be interpenetrated by interdimensional influences. The outcome, positive or negative, depends on who introduces those sequences; what their agenda is; and most importantly, what their frequency is.

Going even further, many now speculate about the implications of when AI becomes self aware. But it already is - and it always was, just that nobody realised. And what about when AI becomes thoroughly combined with a human body? You could have a whole new breed who are far more powerful, sentient, self aware and efficient than the human beings who created them. Whoops. Someone could even design a Mark 2 'AI human', couldn't they, with the intention of replacing the human race. And that might necessitate introducing something to make the remaining Mark 1 humans more like their Mark 2 cousins. All totally impossible of course. The realm of science fiction ...

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Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: For these times.

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