Aftercare 9: Facing your fear.

Nov 24, 2021

Deeply establish yourself in the solidity and belonging of the aspect of your own source connection which easily charts the way forward through experiences of strong fear. Deepen and strengthen the bond of affection with your own self. Feel the warmth again of love and interconnection. Step out of evasion, avoidance, denial, freezing up and non-action, which leads to the definite materialisation of what you are terrified might happen. 

Really getting to the bottom of fear is a painstaking and rewarding process. Fear is nothing to be afraid of ... rather ironically. Essentially it is the disconnect from our body which leaves us open to negative control and other sources. We can naturally move to fill this gap as a result of it out of the mechanism of our own source connection; become stronger and truer in our own selves; and remain the one in charge of our own lives. Or something or someone can move in and take us over, whether we live it or not.

Fear at its most basic level is just a change of speed in our vibratory field: an opportunity to refine our own navigation, awareness and physical mastery in the world. At its most extreme, something we have allowed and done nothing about actually materialises, with seemingly more power and control than our own selves. It's a very unpleasant, somewhat paralysing experience. And the task is not to forbid that experience but to stay in our body in its presence and take events in the direction we wish to, entirely out of the natural momentum of our own source connection and nothing else.

So fear is all about the gift of coming back to yourself in real-time. It's about the point where mere self-witnessing turns into the complete absence of an all-powerful dominating "I" who knows all the answers. Rather, it is the unbroken flow of movement of our own natural and universal intelligence across the bridge of our internal bond of affection. Fear simply cannot take a hold when that is there.

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Theme: Aftercare; Communication & speaking up; Crisis, pain & challenge; Mastering fear; Success & taking control.

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