Aftercare 8: Healthy collaboration with others.

Aug 26, 2021

Generates frequencies of healthy collaboration so you are able to work together successfully with others at all coordinates in time and space. Continually register finding yourself throughout the equation. Only say yes according to your own internal dynamic - not someone else's. Be able to reconcile difficulty and discomfort as you represent and communicate what's right for you. And know what you want all the way along based on the communication of your own source connection.

Collaboration is part of the human condition and something feels intrinsically wrong if we don't do it. But often that gets us into trouble. Working together with other people can be very difficult and before we know it everything falls apart. So often we end up shaking our head in disbelief saying "What happened? - It all started out so well."

Often things do start out well, but an essential ingredient is missing. At some point we forgot ourselves. Or we heard ourselves but we didn't act on it. Or we heard ourselves, did something and either tried to make our original internal messaging different to what it actually said or simply interpreted it wrongly. Here lies the key to success when collaborating with others: the ability to see what you are doing in relation to the signalling of your own source connection and faithfully stay with its purest form. We are actually trained to rewrite and override our initial feeling about something or someone, especially if it is uncomfortable for us, and "make it better". And the essential ingredient of healthy collaboration is spotting where we are doing that so we never end up fixing things through the mirror of a messy relationship which somehow went out of control.

Not only this, we miss so much of our internal body communications and only find out later what we really think and feel. This is OK, we are not perfect and we are human. But even then, we must be able to spot this and act on it so we can course-correct. That is why, by the way, the picture which is the Oracle Girl logo, is called "Listening to yourself". For healthy collaboration you must be able to register and find yourself in every situation and this is the true definition of listening. Listening is the drawing together of everything into a single point and receiving it - similar to every animal converging on a waterhole and all bending down and being able to drink.

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