Aftercare 7: Finding your own answers.

Jul 30, 2021

Strongly individuate yourself in what you want, having found yourself and your own answers amidst the multitude of experiences, signals and messages of your everyday reality. Release absorption frequencies and negative control agendas seeking to substitute your answers with their own. Strengthen in the self discipline of not giving the answer until you are ready and soaking more deeply in your own frequencies of silence so you discover yourself anew.

Finding your answers is only something you can do. It’s part of being the new you and is a sign that you are actually embodying your full multidimensional self. In many ways you “are” the answer, because in the purification space you find yourself doing and being what’s needed already - and it was just your monkey mind worrying about what “the answer” actually is or was. And at the same time, you do sit down quite concertedly at a certain point, check in with yourself, and a make a classical “decision”. But this is just the endpoint of a much bigger and interwoven process.

That interwovenness is about the signals and messages which come to you from others and both within and without you. All of your meetings and experiences are a partial mirror or refraction which shows you what your answer already is. You are always putting together your own jigsaw consciously, which you then get to recognise, claim and assert as sole arbiter, of what is always, a very personal journey.

A big part of life then is finding yourself through collaboration and then individuating yourself. We have to know what we want to find our own answers and we often find a lot of our answers through the ways that others already have found and live their own answers. Your answers must always be yours and that is a process of individuating within, including yourself within separating yourself from the totality of what is a very interconnected and interpenetrated reality.

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