Aftercare 5: Physical cleansing.

May 31, 2021

Initiate, accelerate and earth physical cleansing. Intensify your purification from the full setting within your own source connection of shedding unwanted frequencies, materialisation and rebuilding. Harness the dynamic of motion which is nature itself and its principles to optimise and naturally reach for the foods which heal and expel as part of your everyday life. Align your techniques and regimens which rid the body of toxins, with purity itself, for the most powerful personal results.

Physical cleansing is much misunderstood. Your body is always cleansing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as part of the dynamic of motion which is nature itself. Further, very importantly it is your movement, actions and decisions which drive that dynamo - not only initiating cleansing - but the physical processes of materialisation and rebuilding in the world too.

When we come to actual physical cleansing then, this is part of an overall picture within which your self healing ability is already shedding, dissolving, erasing, deleting and transforming what it no longer needs. This broadly, is the overall process of purification itself, of which cleansing is just one facet. Cleansing is the transmutation of what is not in alignment with nature’s principles, part of a world where we are consumed with “living”, rather than seeing ourselves as just “consumers”.

So cleansing is about not getting in the way of what the nature of you already does. And it is just as much about what you “don’t” as well as what you “do” put inside you. Both sides of the equation are important and the body needs to given space to do its thing and repair and regenerate us. Then we enter the world of physical cleansing, also fasting: regimens and techniques for removing toxins. In their most healthy form, these will be a fine tuning and finessing of how we live already. And we will then choose certain foods and medicines according to their qualities, including our practitioners, in line with what we find truly works for us and any health conditions.

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Theme: Aftercare; Rejuvenate.

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