Aftercare 13: Vigilance.

May 31, 2022

Command the heartdoor. Deepen your sense of belonging and healthy control over everything arising in your personal field. Reverse the power of negative and invasive influences, past and present, more quickly releasing your past. Develop recognition and strengthen the ability of your physical body to receive and process the light of you. Go beyond even your greatest potential and ensure you materialise your own self in quadrality in this world.

Vigilance can be explored in 3 main areas. It is all about our power of recognition, particularly during our waking moments; immediacy and doing things straight away; and staying focused (not just being focused). But first of all, why is vigilance so important? In quadrality, you have to be able to command your own immense potential, the underworld, and external forces which will be attracted towards your increasing power and brightness - in order to successfully materialise your purity.

Recognition is where we hold our focus and allow our own source connection and personal instructions to purify what is arising and reset our reality. It is essential to avoid the slave self stepping in instead and influencing us into repeating redundant patterns. When we act immediately we allow nothing to control us and we take action, ensuring it is only our own energy which physicalises and materialises in any situation. This sees us always stay in healthy control.

There are also physical considerations when maintaining our vigilance for longer stretches. It's important for our intestines to be relatively empty for the first and last few hours of the day so we have more powers of concenrtation. When we ensure we never give in to fear - acknowledge, allow and use this emotion - to make higher choices, we train our ability to remain in our body and connect deeply with our own sense of self. We maintain maximum healthy control over the opening and the closing of the heartdoor ... keeping the flow of our own lifeforce running smoothly and keeping out what shouldn't come in.

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Theme: Aftercare; Clearing & protection; In your body; Success & taking control.

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