Aftercare 10: Advice, shoulds and opinions.

Dec 28, 2021

Fundamentally reset the highly contested territory of taking responsibility for yourself in all situations without censoring the giving of advice and opinions - either by yourself or others. Use the word "should" in full integrity regardless of the discomfort of others. Be sure and clear what you feel, referencing always, and ever more deeply, the setting of just your own source connection.

We live in a crazy world now where, more often than not, we stop ourselves from, or are not allowed to give advice, use the word "should" or simply state our opinion. When we are taking responsibility for ourselves, of course any of these things are not at all a problem. But things have become so distorted we are now actually encouraged and rewarded for stating our opinions through carefully managed social and state sanctioned avenues - when we were of course, once, we were all naturally doing this all along.

Well expressed, good advice when asked for, and even when it isn't, carries a signal which strongly plugs you back into your own source connection - what you feel and think - and nothing else. It may seem like a contradiction but real advice is never advice because it has no agenda. It is a pure material marker of plugging in to your own self in just the same way. Sometimes what you find there is the same as the advice given and sometimes it isn't - but that doesn't matter. It's all about the frequency integrity in that moment which returns to yourself.

Human experience processed through our source connection is actually highly valuable data. It allows us to compute something without having to go through every single aspect of it ourselves. We can potentially take on exactly the same benefits and skills in a much shorter time because it is already so thoroughly organic and biologically integrated. This is why some attempt to regulate and control what people can do and say so much. They consciously and biologically lack the ability to connect in this way themselves. And, misperceiving that data as a commodity, to take and appropriate, rather than a frequency. Most frighteningly, and at its most extreme, someone simply stating their own opinion automatically renders them a danger to society, with them engaging in a highly sensitive and political act.

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