Aftercare 1: Cleaning & clearing your home.

Jan 5, 2021

Unearth the frequencies behind holding on to things, the past, and people who you have long since moved on from. Regain clarity over what you need to keep and what needs to go. Keep the items which are right for you, especially amongst anything sentimental. And know what to do, and why, with all your old photos.

Part of the physical cleansing which goes with a purification, we need to keep all spaces in our home clean, mending or renewing anything broken. This includes: removing old, unused and superfluous personal possessions, sentimental objects and clothes. Artefacts are best put in a charity shop or can be sold if you have the time to arrange this. It is best not to give them to other people unless you genuinely feel they would benefit – as the object can burden them. The point is to be entirely embodied in the present. In the purification space, your link with people is through your immediate body feeling and heart connection. We also need to get rid of photos. Burn old pictures and just keep a few very important ones.

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Theme: Aftercare.

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