Immediate Assistance (remotely).



My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary

This is an add-on to the Reboot group. All you have to do is join. When you ask me for help, you link with me at the Source and I automatically respond. Help will come in the way that is best for you at exactly the right moment; right now or in the future.

  • When: Today or on a certain date.

  • How: One time.


  • To keep you together during any extreme event.



Afterwards: You may feel tired. Take a bath or foot soak in up to 500g of ethically sourced pink himalayan salt; nothing else. Allow plenty of time for rest / reflection and try to have an early night. To take your purification further, see my Aftercare and the Oracle blog.

The outcome is beyond my control: Your own self-healing capacity switches on and goes to your area of greatest need. This is governed by your source connection and is not always what you want or what you asked for … but is always exactly the right thing for you this moment. It will never be more than what you are ready for.

Sorry, I offer no personal advice or emotional support: You need to make your own decisions - that is the whole point - and there are many excellent healers, therapists and counsellors out there who can hold the space for you while you reconfigure on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

If you make a donation: There are no refunds. Please make sure you have read my Small print page before you join.

Thank you for all your help I cant tell you how happy I am! I won the case from the car accident 🙂 their are still paperwork to go through before I get the money. i am finally seeing results work for me.
— J.K., September 2019
Another thank you to you. I returned home on Wednesday and Mum is so much improved, she has walked up and down stairs for the first time and hopes soon to go back to sleeping in her bedroom rather than the lounge and is getting better at walking without a Zimmer frame, her confusion has gone and she is so much more with it, - from the state that she was in a few weeks ago, she is so much better than I cld have imagined at this stage
— P.R., September 2019
I carelessly walked into a potential blunder while trying to make an ethical investment. I called to you for support when I was in the midst of a family holiday in Venice and unable to deal with the problem. I was able to hold the situation by staying present, particularly by staying with my breath, and it scarcely impacted on our fun. On returning to the UK I was able to pursue the incident through my bank and my money was returned to me.
— M.S., September 2019
I just want to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s help. There was huge drama going on here. I wrote to you and sat down with my dogs for a silent break. I felt something happening in my body. Specially in the heart/chest area. When [the people concerned] got home they were both in high spirits and things felt much calmer. Today was better too. I was feeling better myself. X seems much calmer as well. Thank you again for all your help with my family. 🙏🏼💜
— Y.G., September 2019
thank you, she is so much better this morning ❤ [She has been in contact with a pesticide and has had an allergic reaction]
— R.A., August 2019
My jaw a million times better today. Thank you 🙏🏻
— J.A., August 2019
I just wanted to let you know that my friend who I asked for immediate assistance for - is still doing so well! On the morning I put her name forward she woke up feeling no dizziness or sickness and other issues that have been debilitating for her just stopped. She’s had more energy - enough to walk around the woods twice and has been meditating :)
— S.W., August 2019
Thanks - Banging headache gone x
— C.ODH., July 2019
Ive been meaning to thank you so very much. Last December, (a while ago now) I requested some assistance for a friend of mine who was heavy in addiction and quite honestly I thought was not long for this earth plane.
X is doing so well now, getting his life very much back in a different more wholesome way for him. A miracle before my very eyes! I just really wanted to share with you and thank you for all the works you do for this planet.
— L.B., July 2019
You really helped me this morning ... feel SO much better internally. thank you SO much ..was trying to work out what you did as it was almost instant that I suddenly felt peace where I had been feeling completely overwhelmed
— S.B., July 2019
My dad is better tonight, he can hold a more coherent conversation and is no longer in intensive care. So thank you so much for your help.
— C.LF., June 2019
I have absolutely no pain today ... thank you xxxx truly grateful
— C.B., January 2019


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