Intensify 14.

Intensify 14.

Thu, Jun 20, 2024, 9:30 AM UTC — 5:30 PM UTC.
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Live your universal instructions. Kick out a key frequency distortion holding you back. Go deeper into the frequencies of the "Putting money in its correct place" Reboot group - and embody the deeper meaning behind my words. 

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On the day | What to expect | EmbodyAdd someone / thing | 8 hours |  Remote | Last sign-up: 9:30am UTC

  1. Join first, yourself.
  2. Give as you wish: listen to what your body tells you.
  3. Your email receipt is your confirmation. There is no other communication.
  4. You will be sent an event email after 5:30pm UTC with a link to a previous key purification track plus a link to an exploration track analysing the track transcript.
  5. Join the Reboot group for best results.
  6. You can Request IA or Send a top-up any time.


My gifts are given freely and any donation is entirely voluntary. What's this?
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